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Dear friends,

Please find a report from Haryana. Yesterday in Guntur, I came across many farmers who are complaining about their chilli crop getting more susceptible to viruses and they think it is because of Bt Cotton; they are also reporting that milk yield has gone down by around 25% after eating grass/fodder from fields where Bt Cotton is grown. They are also talking about more miscarriages now in their buffaloes and cows and they attribute it to Bt Cotton.


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Date: 29 Feb 2008 11:19:36 -0000

Kind attention:,
Institute of Science in Society, London, UK,
Mr Harpal Singh ji Grewal,
Mr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India,
Prof. Anil K. Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad,
President of Republic of India, The Hindu,
Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt of India

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would request you to kindly help farmers by publishing / studying this preliminary report appended below when we are trying to take wider studies for planning civil society action for elimination of BT cotton from farmers field and their minds.


Sudhir Kumar Kaura

Milk is Drying Up - Thanks to Plants With Dangerous Genes

Milk Yield is Reduced by about 50% in Buffaloes due to feed based on BT Cotton Seeds - Say Farmers in India

BT Cotton is being promoted the world over by the governments at the cost of health of humans and animals alike. Farmers in India have seen BT cotton, the genetically modified monster plant killing thousands of sheep. Now the animal feed based on this dreaded genetically modified (GM) plant is reducing the milk yields of their animals to half and making them sick. Is it right for the governments to push a technology with proven killing  ability? Farmers are not lodging any complaint against the companies regarding ill effects of BT cotton which is surprising. Now some civil society action is required to be taken to help the farmers and stop the companies from pushing these unsafe GM seed in the market targetting the illiterate farmers in India.


Village Sadalpur, District Hisar, Haryana State, India 
Dated : 29 Feb. 2008

While the corrupt government officers and unscrupulous traders in cotton growing states of India is busy in counting their black money, people especially farmers have been experiencing a survival question. BT Cotton is making them sick, their animals are becoming unhealthy and unable to yield milk to normal level.

Another startling Revelation has come from a reputed farmer of the area. According to Mr Balwant Son of Mr Het Ram Punia in Sadalpur village, milk yield of his Buffaloes has been reduced to about 50 % due to feed based on BT Cotton Seeds. Oilcake of BT Cotton seeds is widely fed to animals in this part of north west India only about 5 hours drive from New Delhi, the capital city of India, which is in the Haryana State.

Mr Balwant who is a well known farmers in the area says that when he fed his buffaloes oilcake from non-GM cotton he did not observed any health problem and decline in milk yield. He says that BT Cotton is quite harmful to the animals and it will definitely affect people who consume milk from animals fed with feed based on BT Cotton Seeds.

The state government and local agricultural universities and other agricultural institutes of the government have kept mum on the issue of harmful effects on BT cotton on animals and human beings (millions of farmers are affected by the skin problems like itching, rashes, allergy, etc.)


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contributed by Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura, PhD Genetics (Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura is a biotechnologist and geneticist who has dedicated his life in elimination of dangerous technologies like genetic engineering in plants and animals. He believes that BT Cotton and other genetically modified [GM] are being promoted by the Governments in India and other countries at the cost of health of humans and animals and ecology)

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Union Minister for Health, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss's party (PMK) say a clear no to GM Crops

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), the first political party in India to say a clear NO to GE
CHENNAI, 2nd March, 2007: Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder leader S Ramadoss today demanded the Tamilnadu government to ensure that the State remained free of genetically modified farm seeds and warned that he would lend his weight behind protests to block the entry of genetically modified farm inputs.  Inaugurating an awareness campaign rally here to Save Rice and ensure Tamilnadu remained free of genetic crops, organised by Pasumai Thayagam and other NGOs, Ramadoss said there was an urgent need for the farmers, people and the NGOs to join hands to fight the threat of genetically modified seeds sold by multinational companies.


Assuring his full support to such movements, which seek to protect the nation's natural resources, the PMK leader said it was only because of some self-seeking bureaucrats, politicians, and scientists that multinational companies which sell 'such dangerous,' farms inputs were able to establish themselves here.  In a clear note of caution to the Central and State governments Ramadoss said 'come what may you should never allow genetically engineered seeds in Tamilnadu.' Explaining that a lot of farmers were affected by cultivating Bt cotton, he urged the Tamilnadu government to give compensation to all the affected.  Incidentally, the Union Minister for Health, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss belongs to PMK. While other parties in the country have taken up the issue of GM crops in an opportunistic manner, PMK is the first political party to clearly take a stand on GM crops.



Press Cutting of The Hindustan Times 19 June 2007
The Hindustan Times 19 June 2007
BT Cotton Can Kill Farm Animals : Andhra Govt

31 March 2002


The deliberate inaction and apparent connivance of government machinery with multinational and other companies has created a situation of constitutional crisis, according to S K Kaura, the Co-ordinator of ECO-India. Thanks to Devinder Sharma for this.
Dated: March 26th 2002
Ref. 103/MEM/01

Kind attention:
Hon'ble President of India
(through Deputy Commissioner, Hisar District, Haryana, India and by Courier)

Subject: Representation regarding constitutional crisis arising due to deliberate inaction and failure of government machinery to enforce law regarding handling of hazardous genetically engineered BT cotton seeds as per Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

Respected Sir,

I the undersigned hereby bring to your kind notice that I am in possession of genetically engineered BT cotton seeds which were collected by me in January 2002. These seeds were collected from a person in Haryana who was selling it to farmers under the name of Navbharat-151 and claimed that the said seeds were genetically engineered BT Cotton seeds and were brought by him from his crop of BT cotton grown in Gujrat in the year 2001. I have already brought this to the notice of the all concerned state and central government agencies through Deputy Commissioners of Fatehabad and Hisar Districts, Haryana, India and Hon'ble Governor of Haryana, India (please see Memorandum 1-3 and Annexures 1-3, copies enclosed).

It is unfortunate that government machinery, to date has not even bothered to take action regarding my memoranda (copies enclosed) to the concerned government functionaries. This clearly shows that the government is not keen to uphold the Constitution of India wherein under Section 8 of the ENVIRONMENT (PROTECTION) ACT, 1986, it is stated that 'no person shall handle or cause to be handled any hazardous substance except in accordance with such procedure and after complying with such safeguards as may be prescribed'.

Furthermore, THE RULES FOR MANUFACTURE, USE, IMPORT, EXPORT AND STORAGE OF HAZARDOUS MICROORGANISMS, GENETICALLY ENGINEERED ORGANISMS AND CELLS were notified by the Ministry of Enviroment and Forests on 5th December 1989 in exercise of powers conferred by Sections 6, 8, and 25 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. The contravention of these rules is punishable under section 15 of the said Act. Nowadays, I have learnt through press and own sources that in Haryana and many other states, hazardous BT Cotton seeds are openly sold by unscrupulous and unauthorized seed sale racketeers and purchased and grown by thousands of farmers in clear violation of the law. The government machinery in all the affected states including Haryana till date has not only failed to check the said illegal activities but also deliberately has not informed and warned farmers formally about the law and legal consequences regarding the use of these hazardous seeds. Instead to avoid any legal action and to save the offenders the government has illogically and unexpectedly speeded up the official process and biased propaganda in favour of BT cotton in connivance with scientists, companies and media for an early clearance to hazardous BT cotton seeds thus justifying the illegal act of growing, selling and purchasing of hazardous BT cotton indirectly. Even the orders of Genetic Engineering Approval Committee regarding burning of BT cotton in fields in Gujrat were not implemented strictly and thousands of quintals of BT cotton seed is now found to be presently illegally sold in over a dozen of states (Annexures 4-12), while such transgenic plants have been banned by 12 European Countries since year 1998 due to uncertainty regarding their long term harmful effects on health of human beings, other organisms and environment while some ill effects on human and animal health have already been indicated by scientists.

In this episode the government machinery clearly seems to be guilty on two counts:1. Failure to uphold constitutional integrity by not checking and punishing the unscrupulous persons engaged in illegal sale, purchase, handling and growing of hazardous BT Cotton,2. Government machinery has become a cause to be handled the hazardous substance (BT Cotton) [thus contravening the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986] by not enforcing the law, by not formally making people aware of the land of the law and by not making any contingency plan to handle such emergency. The deliberate inaction and apparent connivance of government machinery with multinational and other companies has created a situation of constitutional crisis. I submit, that if the government administration is really an instrument to uphold the constitution then it should be directed to get the undersigned (Mr Sudhir Kumar Kaura) arrested on account of handling the alleged BT Cotton seeds and the undersigned should be tried as per law if the said seeds are proved to be genetically engineered otherwise alongwith me the people of India will have no hesitation in believing that rather than upholding the constitutional integrity (wherein article 48-A provides that 'the State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment.' ) the administration is bent upon mindlessly promoting the commercial products (in this case BT Cotton) of predatory multinational companies, that are hazardous according to our constitution, directly or indirectly at the cost of our environmental and national security.

I humbly request that as a guardian of constitution, your kind office should direct the government to set up a judicial enquiry in this ugly and shameful episode so that the truth may come out. I hereby assure your kind office that in this time of constitutional crisis I will co-operate in every possible manner in any action initiated or directed by your kind office in national interest.

(S K Kaura)
Co-ordinator, ECO-India
ECO-India, 10-C Friends Colony, Hisar-125 001; India
Telephone: 016 62-2291 63; Email: ecoindia 'AT'
(replace 'AT' by @)
Web site:

ECO-India is a voluntary & non-profit organisation working in the field of environment protection and natural farming

copy fowarded to:
-Hon'ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Chief Justice of Panjab and Haryana High Court for kind attention and consideration of this memorandum towards public concern issue as Public Interest Litigation petition please,
-Hon'ble Prime Minister of India;
-Hon'ble Governor, Haryana;
-Hon'ble Union Minister of Environment and Forests; Hon'ble
-Secretary General, United Nations for information please

published by: ngin Norfolk Genetic Information Network


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Courtesy: published by: ngin Norfolk Genetic Information Network

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