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"I appeal to all agricultural scientists of the world to kindly help farmers in coming out of vicious circle of dangerous genetically modified (GM) crops like BT Cotton because reports have been coming for last about 10 years which say these crops are harmful for humans, animals, ecology and environment alike and manufacturers and promoters of these globally controversial GM crops have not been able to counter these reports and findings yet".  more >>


An Appeal to Save World

Please help us to save the world.

As you know GM Genetically Modified (GM) Plants and Food are causing havoc in the world causing deaths of animals, allergy other dreaded diseases. Please sign a petition to all leaders/administrators of world to request them to stop the approval and further extension to the growing of GM plants in their respective countries. more >>
Union Minister for Health, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss's party (PMK) say a clear no to GM Crops more >>

Panel Ignored BT Cotton Toxicity Evidence

Dr P M bhargava, the founder director of Centre of Cellular & Molecular Biology and an invitee at Genetic Engineering Approval Committe (GEAC) (by Supreme Court Ruling) has found that GEAC has has ignored evidence of toxicity of BT Cotton to sheep.

This article which highlights the argument of a reputed scientist which may lead suspension of BT Cotton cultivation.

The Hindi article on BT cotton situation in
north India published in Hindi Fortnightly
Pratham Impact (31 May, 2008)
is now available on

Another startling Revelation has come from a reputed farmer of the area. According Mr Balwant Son of Mr Het Ram Punia in Sadalpur village, milk yield of his Buffaloes has been reduced to about 50 % due to feed based on BT Cotton Seeds. Oilcake of BT Cotton seeds is widely fed to animals more>>

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ECO-India Launches
24 Hour Free Telephone Helpline on Health & Environment

ECO-India is a voluntary organisation with interests in promotion of natural life style and natural agriculture.

We support and promote all efforts and thoughts which are aimed at promoting conservation of nature in every sphere of life.

Our Mission

To make humans eco-friendly.
Becoming a Member

There are a number of options for members such as volunteer, researcher, life member, supporter, sustainer, donor, etc.
Please Contact Us for further formalities.

New President of USA Can save the Earth for Real

As the people of USA choose their new President, people all over the world have great expectations from their learned brothers and sisters. It is no denying fact that USA has promoted GM food with a great expectation that it will feed the whole world but the technology is backfiring... more >>

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Monsanto is a Monster

"Monsanto has become a 'Monster' as it is eating up all the natural resources and heath..."

>> find more on Monsanto & its Predation on Earth

See Latest Press Communications Here

Do You Consider Monsanto a Monster? Write to Us your views to publish here instantly

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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton - The 2008 President Aspirant

[This letter was written by a woman Linn Cohen-Cole Atlanta who has clearly done her homework, and confirms that no sane human being in good conscience can cast a vote for Hillary Clinton]

The writer was a co-student at college with Hillary Clinton.
'Hillary Clinton has connections with Monsanto through the Rose Law Firm where she worked and through Bill Clinton who hired Monsanto people for central food-related roles. Hillary's Orwellian-named "Rural Americans for Hillary" was
planned withTroutman Sanders, Monsanto's lobbyists.' more>>

Is Food Supply (Whose Most of Copyrighted Genes are Owned by Monsanto, the giant seed and pesticide producing company) Safe & Sure?
Write to Us your views to publish here instantly

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 Dear colleague,
 *This is a CLARION CALL*
 *All doctors are surely concerned about the nation's
 health and no doctor
 can remain oblivious to the current health issues,
 especially as they
 themselves may be at risk.*
 While the world debates the global
 warming, increasing food
 prices, diversion of food crop areas to bio-fuel
 crops, a silent scourge is
 looming large on the Indian horizon-the scourge of
 foods and the related grave health implications.
MORE >> 
An Appeal From A Scientist


Let us make a new society, which is sensitive, which do not use science as a cover and as an excuse to kill and loot shamelessly.


'Absence of laboratory evidence of lethality of BT Cotton does not mean it is not unsafe'. more>>

Deadly BT Cotton Trap! Is there any way out?
Thousands of farm animals have died in India due to consumption of BT cottonseeds, oil cake, ....
What we have observed in Haryana scientifically, is in fact an epidemic? We can call .....
Isn’t it a Constitutional Crisis in India? Democracy is For The People, ....

Kind Attention:            

The Vice Chancellor,

CCS Haryana Agricultural University,

Hisar, India



It has come to my notice that like the death of thousands of farm animals (sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes) due to B.T. Cotton in Andhra Pradesh in last about three years, in Haryana too such widespread mortality of farm animals has been observed by our study group. Our study in Haryana shows more>>

CLICK HERE to view full comic

Dilemma of Successful Ruler
more >>

Qualified Confession of A Qualified Genetic Engineer
'I bow before His Holiness Pope Benedict for my scientific sins. I have definitely done harm to mother earth and earned sins and I pray to His Holiness The Pope Benedict to prescribe me the punishment for this. Though I never directly involved myself in the research of genetic engineering, many of the reagents, enzymes, chemicals and products we use in the laboratory or in our kitchens are made through genetic engineering that many of us may not even suspect.' Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura, PhD, Scientist in Genetic Engineering Discipline. more>>

Actual Script of Confession of Dr Sudhir Kumar Kaura is now ready, which was submitted to His Holiness Pope Benedict on 13 March, 2008. ECO-India is planning to soon publish this script alongwith some other interesting supportive scientific and informational material on the subject and possibly with reply of His Holiness Pope BenedicXVI in the form of a beautiful book which will be having chapters by leading activists, practitioners, promoters, experts and advocates of natural farming from all over the world. The sale proceeds of this book will be entirely used for developing & promoting eco-friendly and totally natural technologies of agriculture.

To Book Your Advance Copy Priced at US$ 19.66 (Pre Launch Price) only Please Contact Us 
Post Launch Price Will Be US $ 35.85
Activists, Practitioners, Promoters, Experts and Advocates on Natural Farming May Kindly Contact Us for Booking Their Free Copy and Submission of Their Chapter Drafts for the Proposed Books.

Click On The 'Pay Now' Button to Book Your Advance Copy of The Upcoming Book Focussing on 'Qualified Confession of A Qualified Genetic Engineer to His His Holiness Pope Benedict':

Organization News
ECO-India announces 'Yoga Awareness Program' (YAP) which promotes health without using any chemicals or synthetic drugs. To know more about YAP please CONTACT US.
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Please Cooperate !
Your Cooperation is Required to Free The Earth of Genetically Modified Food, Animal Feed and Other Non-Food Products
more >>

An Informal Study to Look into Increasing Cases of  any kind of Allergy / Skin Itching or Other Adverse Health Impact World Over Due to Genetically Modified (GM) Food, Animal Feed and Other Non-Food Products

If you noticed any of your allergies / skin itching other adverse health impact have increased in the last of 2-10 years. Please Contact Us we will try to find out the reason & guide you & your governments.
Coming Up Shortly on this Web-site:
Advance copies of these well researched stories will be available on request only

Scientists Are Grossly Indifferent to Plight of Farmers Due to Dangerous Diseases & Death of Thousands of Animal Caused by Genetically Modified Plants such as BT cotton produced and patented by BT Cotton Contact Us to Request an Advance Draft Copy

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Open Letter to USA President Mr George Bush on Widespread Ecological and Health Disaster due to Transgenic Plants, Genetically Modified Food, Feed & Non-Food Products, and how it will lead to collapse of USA or may be the whole world if these devil crops are not stopped by a Biotechnolgist & Geneticist who worked in a Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory for over 10 years. Indian Scientists Contact Us to Request an Advance Draft Copy
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